Price List

Price List*

*At these prices we will add shipping costs. For payments by Paypal, 5% will be added to the price for Paypal Commissions. For customization of these products, contact us for a budget. Textile prices may increase according to the price of the chosen material, in the case shown it is cotton twill.


Basic TAU robe and hood (without embroidery): 165€

TAU robe with Eye embroidered on hood: 190€

(add 5€ for Golden Eye)

Colour strip robe Kit: 55€

Probationers robe (Pentagram and Hexagrama embroidered): 185€



Basic Hood (Without embroidery): 65€

Hood with Eye embroidered: 85€

Hood with Golden Eye embroiderd: 90€

Handbound Magick Diaries

Ptah diary: 16,5x12cm, 120 sheets: 45€

Avalon diary: 21x14,5cm, 120 sheets: 65€

Vishnu diary: 21x14,5cm, 144 golden edge sheets: 93€

Patches / Regalias

Normal Eye Patch (16cm): 35€

Golden Eye Patch (16cm): 40€

Golden Cross Patch: 35€

8 Coloured Cross Patch: 30€

Hexagram Patch (20cm): 40€

Leather Book covers

Custom goat leather book covers: 42€

Tarot case

Coming Soon